A company dedicated to the production of finest quality of Fusible Interlining and bleached /finished fabrics. Aruj successfully combines the assets of European technology, thermoplastic adhesive from Switzerland and Pakistan’s rich cotton resources.

Our current monthly production capacity is 2 million linear meters of Fusible Interlining. We have complete in-house bleaching/finishing machinery along with Powder Dot Coating from Switzerland, in working width of 72 inches. Interlining is produced in Cotton, Polyester Cotton, ranging from 115 gsm to 350 gsm.

  • Interlining
  • Singe Desize

    Singe Desize

    • One Singeing/Desizing Machine from local made.
    • Its working width is up to 102”.
    • There are four gas burner to singe thoroughly.
    • There is one Brushing and Dust collection unit pre singeing.
    • Its impregnation tank is 2000 litter.
    • Total cloth contents are 120 meter.

  • Keir Bleach

    Keir Bleach

    • There are four keir for Scouring/Bleaching.
    • Capacity of each keir is 3.5 tons.
    • There are four rope washing and cloth contents of each washing is 12 meter.
    • Washing are heated with steam.

  • Drying


    • There is one drying machine with pre opening scutcher machine.
    • There are 24 steam cylinder in drying
    • Its working washing width is up to 98”

  • Finishing


    • There is one Stenter Finishing machine model of Babcock Germany
    • Its working width is up to 92”
    • There are 16 chambers in this machine.
    • Temperature can be achieved up to 200®C.
    • There is dual Pin and Clip chain
    • Its heating system is Thermo Oil heating

  • Calanders


    • There are ‘2’ Calander Machine.
    • Working width of both machine are up to 72”
    • One machine has five bourts and other is seven bourts.
    • One machine has one Teflon bowl others Stainless Steel bowls.
    • 2nd machine has two cotton bourts and other five and steel bowles.
    • Both machine controlled by Hydraulic Pressure heating system is Thermo Oil heating.

  • Coating Machine

    Coating Machine

    • There are two HDPE coating Machine from CARATSCH AG Germany.
    • Working width of one is 72” and other is 80”.
    • Its heating system is Thermo Oil heating and can be Heat up to 230°C.
    • Cloth contents of each Machine is 20 meter.

  • Rolling


    • No. of Rolling machine are two from Monforts Germany.
    • Working width of one Machine is 60” and other is 72”.

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