Company Introduction

Aruj Industries Limited (A.I.L) is the brain child of Founder and Chairman Maqsood Ahmed Butt (FCA). Aruj Industries Limited is a Public Limited company listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and was established in 1992.

Aruj is the pioneer in field of Woven Fusible Interlinings in Pakistan. Aruj is the only Interlining Manufacturer in Pakistan which is ISO 9000 Certified.

Aruj Industries Limited also has a Continuous Dyeing Unit and an Apparel Unit. Aruj Dyeing Division is capable of processing 1.5 Million Linear meters monthly. Aruj Dyeing Division is a narrow width processing setup, processing fabric for apparel manufactures. Aruj Apparel Division is SEDEX APPROVED and BSCI COMPLIANT and is capable of producing 200,000 units monthly.

At Aruj we are driven to achieve and maintain a position of leadership in each of our businesses. Our knack of consistently staying ahead stems from our thorough leadership, diverse business portfolio, sustained pursuit of excellence, and deep-rooted culture of innovation. As a credible, growing and responsible enterprise, we are committed to create value for all our stakeholders. Envisioning future, aiming a notch higher, upholding business ethics and continuously investing in newer growth opportunities are the key traits that differentiate us from the rest.

As a leading Interlinings Manufacturer, we are distinguished by our ability to consistently perform ahead of the industry, amidst good as well as testing times. The measure of our consistent performance gets reflected in the fact that our revenue and net profits have grown consistently over the years.

Our growth in this period has been aided by continuously delivering quality product and increasing the list of satised customers. At Aruj, staying ahead is a way of life. The more we accomplish, the more we aspire.

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